Welcome to Cumnor Parish

Welcome to the parish of Cumnor in west Oxford.  Four miles from the centre of Oxford we stand on the boundary of the city, combining suburban convenience, village community life and wonderful countryside.  Our three churches each serve their local neighbourhoods: Cumnor, Dean Court and Farmoor.  Our congregations are diverse communities united in faith, love and practical action. We would love to welcome you among us.

Sunday sermons over the summer from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians: its great theme is God’s plan in bringing the church into being: what we are here for and how we embody God’s love in our life together.  Paul was in prison and gave the letter to Tychicus to deliver, along with the letters to the Colossians and Philemon.  So Ephesians is not addressed directly to the church in Ephesus, but written for them to use in their church-planting work.  It is really written for new Christians in new congregations who are just finding out about the Church they have recently joined by believing in Jesus Christ. It is a bit like explaining the world-wide web to someone who has clicked on to their first website.  Paul’s great point is that the way we get on together in our local congregation is key evidence that God was not mad to have created the church: the way you love the other funny people in your church shows God can work miracles!  So the letter combines a high cosmic vision of our identity as the Church with the most down-to-earth guidance about personal relationships.

Geoff Maughan

July 2014